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I ordered once before and thought it was good. When my mom didn't know what to do about dinner I remembered it was Tuesday! MarkieQs was open and we could order from them. My family had never had thier foid before but they loved it. The meat pies were a big hit and I do love that curry chicken. I ordered the group half tray with curry and jerk chicken, cabbage, and rice and beans. I'm a little upset that we only got 2 pieces of curry chicken, but the jerk chicken was good too. This is the second time I tried to order beans and rice and they didn't have any, but they called right away to ask which substitute we'd like and even offered to drop some off on a different day! I'm very I'm impressed with the guest service and to see that they are nice people that care about thier customers. Really good food I would recommend in a heartbeat. Definetly ordering from tgem again! :)

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